Saturday, September 13, 2014

How to avoid Paper Jams on your photocopier

How to avoid Paper Jams on your photocopier

One of the big service call issues is paper getting jammed in the office copier. In fact more than 50% of call outs for service of a machine relate to paper misfeed.

There are several reasons that this could be happening that can easily be fixed.

Firstly, the machine could be sitting on an uneven surface and so its easily put out of balance or in a rocky shaky state that causes the rollers to get out of alignment.

Check to make sure that your copier is sitting level on the floor and that there is no shake in the machine when it is operating.

Next the paper itself could be the issue. Damp paper has a tendency to curl and crease and easily jam the copier. If you have paper in a humid environment and it is getting moisture it is best to disregard that paper and not use it in the photocopier.

This can often be the case with paper in proximity to air conditioning units particularly evaporative cooling outlets.

Not all paper is a good grade for photocopiers. If there is excessive paper dust from when it was cut and packaged this could damage the rollers and create not only paper jams but also the need for a major service and possible replacement of the rollers.

Make sure that you are using a good quality paper that is paper dust free and not moist and you will get better quality prints and also your machine will last much longer and you may avoid costly maintenance.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Work Smarter in The Office

Work Smarter in the Office

Networking your Multifunction Photocopier to your wireless network can save you both time and money.

Many offices have individual domestic style ink jet printers or multifunction units installed at each office desk and are using technology which is both expensive and inefficient.

Networking a copier via a wireless router to the internet can provide significant savings in both running costs, cheaper ink, fax which can be captured as a image with the need to print it and also significant time savings.

Network Copiers in Melbourne are experts at getting offices to save money and function efficiently using the latest technologies in office copier, printing, scanning and fax functionality via an inhouse network. As the name suggests our copiers are capable of creating a network for staff members to easily share and collaborate on projects via the network.

We have a large warehouse with hundreds of copiers that are late model or current model machines with low meter readings that can also save you a significant amount of money by having the latest technology with the need to outlay for an expensive brand new machine.

Working smarter in the office will not only produce significant cost savings such as ink costs, but it will also produce substantial time savings. Saving time to produce documents, scan both sides of a document, collate fold and staple options are also available.

Our technicians are available to provide staff with training on how to get the most out of your copier and eliminate the need for guess work. With copiers that can handle huge workloads for schools and professionals like financial planners, solicitors, accountants and mortgage brokers.

If you are in Melbourne or Geelong Australia give us a call for a no obligation cost analysis and recommendation. Give Network copiers a call and see how much you can save and work smarter in the office.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Network Copiers Pty Ltd

Rent Buy or Service a copier in Melbourne From Network Copiers Pty Ltd

Terry Kenny, Steven Panagis and Nicolas Zoumis are the 3 directors involved in Network Copiers Pty Ltd a business that is ready to offer unmatchable deals in the used copier market.

For over 20 years the bulk of the ex lease, ex bank and ex government copiers have been purchased in bulk and shipped to overseas markets such as Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines.

Now a new retail division featuring fully reconditioned machines are being sold direct to the business community in Melbourne.

In the past second hand copiers where purchased by smaller home based or small shop front copier suppliers and sold to low end user clients for the unsuspecting consumer.

As the business has grown substantially over the years a new division for retail of the best, low usage copiers has seen a sharp increase in demand as new copiers are becoming an expensive acquisition where businesses are losing substantial money.

The cost savings associated with opting for a low usage fully refurbished fully warrantied used copier are being reliased by more and more businesses and Network Copiers is filling that need.

You can buy a current model color Wireless Network Capable Copier for a fraction of the new cost price and have trouble free printing and copying for years to come.

Our professional technicians and installers can connect to your wireless network and have everyone in the office saving time and money by using the significant technology that is available to them with copiers that can scan to email and utilize a hard drive for storing standard print jobs.

We welcome the opportunity to show you what can be done with our Network Copiers and how we can save you Time and Money.

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Network Copiers Beat any Quote.

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